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Employees need to feel a sense of belonging

“If employees don’t fit in with your work environment, I guarantee they won’t be happy. They won’t fit in, they won’t get along with their co-workers, and they’ll feel lonely.”

MetKnow's mission is to help employees feel like they belong. It can be difficult for an employee to join in a conversation that a group of coworkers is having when they cannot think of their names and do not know if they have any shared interests. MetKnow helps everyone learn each other's name and learn more about the people we spend most of our working days with.

Turnover by Industry

Did you know the top 3 industries for turnover are the technology industry, retail, and entertainment? Did you also know that 41% of employees leave because of problems with senior leadership and 36% leave because of their work environment? At MetKnow we believe many problems employers face today can be solved by building a strong relationship with their employees.